Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sparky's Story

Today I'm going to break the rules. Sometimes it just has to be done. My mom wants to tell you all about a special little rescue dog that was here a few days ago and the wonderful people who adopted him.

I'd like to share with you all a pretty nice story - I think, anyway.
In late June I got an email from a lady who said she saw a wire fox terrier
in a shelter in Delaware. Since I am the Eastern Shore of Maryland and
Delaware volunteer for Fox Terrier rescue I called the shelter to
inquire about him. The said they had him but it was the first day he was
eligible for adoption so they wouldn't work with rescue. I asked for
them to take my name and number and to call me should anything change and
asked them to please not put him down if he is not adopted. Some
shelters don't like to work with rescue groups so I figured it was one of
those cases and thought I'd call back in a week and start bothering
them again. Last Friday I got the call from the shelter. He had been up
for adoption for a week and no one was interested so they were going ot
put him to sleep. I was out of town in the Southwestern corner of PA.
I told them I couldn't come but the lady promised they would hold him
for me until Tuesday. So Tuesday I left early from work and drove to Wilmington DE to get the fella. He was in awful condition. Filthy, matted hair, feces all over
him, long toenails, stunk to high-heaven, had dirt and wax and God
only knows caked in his ears and was flea ridden. Amazing that he was up
for adoption in this condition. I told them who I was and they asked if
I had seen the dog, when I said I had they asked if I still wanted him.
(Imagine that...). His name was Sparky and he was an owner surrender
because the owners said they were moving and could not take him with them. (the
very best thing that could have ever happened to him) I paid the
fee and got him out of there. He had a full out panic attack being put into the
crate in my car. When I got him home I interacted with him a bit and took
him to the basement to get cleaned up. I worked on him for about three
hours. I clippered him down, trimmed his nails, but out the matts and
gave him a flea dip. He never flinched. He was perfectly fine with me doing all of this to him. When he got out of the sink he ran around the basement totally excited and ran over and wrapped his little paws around me and literally hugged me. Wow. What a boy. Hard to think that something this sweet could have been treated so poorly. Soon I found out a few things about him. He has terrible separation anxiety. No way to tell is this is a longtime issue or just caused by his recent he could leap a foot foot fence with no problem at all. Great Houdini. But he is a sweet, easy, calm dog who got along beautifully with my three boys and had a gentle, special little soul. Amazing little boy especially considering all he'd been through.
Since I already have the three boys at home (and are transporting two smooths over
the weekend) I couldn't keep him long. Thankfully a lady who has helped with rescue offered to foster him for me. Meanwhile another rescuer sent me three of the apps she
had on file, one of whom already had the vet check, additional reference
and home visit done.One of the apps really stood out. A couple, she is a retired registered nurse, he is a physician. She has has wires, schnauzers, scotties, and welshies. Some of them were rescues throughout the years. I spoke with her by phone she was touched by his story and was concerned that he had to go to foster when he already had separation anxiety. I sent her a picture of him and she liked him. This was a wonderful woman. She and her husband really wanted him. We discussed having her come over the weekend, but instead she and her husband drove 2.5 hours to meet me with him last night. I could tell by her face the minute she saw him, she was in love with him. Not long after our meeting, I said to them, "He's such a great little easy boy. I think you will grow to love him" and the man said "I think I already do". So sweet and touching. He is going to a wonderful, safe, secure, patient home and his whole life just turned around from horrible to marvelous in 48 hours. No question that he will have issues that he will have to overcome, but I really think this guy has found a gift. Its amazing to me how things can change so quickly because of wonderful people like this who are anxious to open their homes and hearts to a little dog that needs a little extra. Just amazing.
My husband went with me last night. He has seen dogs come through the house, he knows about a lot of the work that is involved with them and knows that oftentimes I'm not where he wants me to be because I'm transporting some dog or something. Last night after Sparky drove off with his new family, Steve said he finally understands why people do this.

Mackie's mommy

So there is Sparky's story, via my mom. I have to admit, he was a nice little guy. I tried to get her to take Ollie to those nice people instead, but she said they wanted a wft, not a Bearded Collie...duh, mom...doesn't everyone?


Joe Stains said...

your mom did such a wonderful thing, and so lucky for sparky. mom said I should put something here about how lucky we are to have rescued tanner, um YA SO LUCKY I AM :/

Oscar Airedale said...

Aw, you've made me and mum cry and smile. Let's hope Sparky can out the past behind him and live the rest of his life happy and secure. Well done to your mum!

Oscar x

William Tell said...

What a lovely, heartwarming story about Sparky! Your Mom sure has a gift for seeing beyond the filth and fleas to the wonderful soul underneath it all. I love this happy ending!

Wiry hugs,
William Tell

Maggie said...

What an awesome story! Sounds like Sparky has an awesome forever family! Bless you for helping him out!

Love ya lots,

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Oh I just love happy endings!

Bussie Kissies

Pacco de Mongrel said...

hope all d best for sparky...

n ur mum definately a great samaritan..

Jackson said...

Happy endings are the best! J x

Gus said...

Dear Mackie and Mom (ok, and Ollie and Finnegan too!) Thanks for being involved with rescue. I still remember my foster mom with much fondness. Did we tell you she kept me for more than a week waiting for mom to get back from her appointments in Phoenix. I know I would've gone to a good home, but this is the best I could have found.

fee said...

o mackie, i love a happy tail! i'm so glad your mommy stepped forward to help dear old sparky find a nice home.

Asta said...

I had to lick teaws off my Mommi's face while we wead firstest she was so upset and angwy, but at the end they were tears of happiness that Sparky was found by your Mom and now has his vewy own furrever home..Thank you on behalf of all doggies
smoochie kisses

Bogart said...

Awwww... we shed a tear too! Sparky is now gonna be a lucky guy!!!


Asta said...

hi Mackie,
miss you, come and visit me..hope Sparky is doing lots better..thank your Mommi for her sweet kindness
smoochie kisses

Luna "The Scruffy Yacht Dog" said...


Your Mom is a special person. I am glad that Sparky was able to find a home to love him. That was nice the way he took to your Mom when she was cleaning him up. Way to go Mom.

Luna Licks,