Thursday, March 10, 2011


From Cheryl Collins of Wire Fox Terrier Rescue Midwest---

I am so excited, happy and emotional right now. Maribeth called me, Chris called her. Piper has been found. She did exactly what I had a feeling she would do. Piper saw 2 other dogs a German Sheppard and a Australian Sheppard and hung out with them. My guess is all day. Puppymill dogs have such a strong Pack mentality and they do trust other dogs. Thank God these two Big dogs were kind to her. When they opened the door to let their two dogs into the basement to sleep last night Piper followed them in.They live on a farm in Galena Territory North along that logging road. That is all we know right now. Maribeth is going to call the man and get more info. Chris picked her up and she is now at Chris's vet in Dubuque. She has blood on her fur but we don't know anything else right now. I have to call the vet and talk them. I am so emotional right now I cant think straight all I can say for sure Piper is safe. Happy Tears I am going to Bring Piper Back Home !!!!!!!!! Thank You Thank you ALL so much for everything you All did. Thank You so much for your prayers and your love and Friendship I wish I could reach out and just give everyone of you wonderful people a BIG HUG

I will post more info as I get it!! THANK YOU GOD!!


Maggie and Mitch said...

Mom is crying and we are doing happy dances! whoooooooohooooooooooo

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Asta said...

I am beyond happiness
thank you thank you to all of you for not giving up on this baby girl.
Our prayers and good thoughts helped get her to saftey.
your love and perseverance did ti!!!
I hope her injuries are superficial and the vet can make her better.
Thank you
crying happy tears now
love and smoochie kisses
ASTA and Mommi

TwoSpecialWires said...

To say we are happy would be a HUGE understatement! This is truly evidence of courage ... strength ... persistence ... tenacity ... hope ... Faith ... love ... community ... trust ... and Belief!

Thank you so much for keeping us posted ... you've been a constant part of our lives these past couple of weeks.

Now we shift our prayers to those of thanks ... with time for rest and healing and rejuvenation ... a continuation of community and the (new) beginning of Life as it should be for Piper.

Much love
Sally and Nina, Fergi and Jake

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Yesterday, I was talking to Asta's mom about Piper and I had the stongest sensation she was going to be found. Nothing more, nothing less...and to see this today brings tears to my eyes...

The Power of the Paw is stong indeed!!

We love you guys,

Mumsie and the kids

Sally said...

Sally said it so beautifully - we are switching our prayers from being found to being healed!

Hugs from us
Diana, Sally and Paddy

Asta said...

I just heawd that Pipew is in cwitical condition. We'we pwaying as hawd as we can. This just can not be the end fow this bwave, sweet giwl

smoochie healing kisses