Friday, March 11, 2011

Piper goes home tomorrow!

Just wanted everyone to know that Piper gets to go home to Cheryl in Iowa tomorrow!

Here are a few comments from Cheryl--

Piper was brought into the vet clinic yesterday in pretty sad condition. She had been attacked my some kind of animal. She has bite wound marks on her body. She was very dehydrated, weak, sore and in mild shock. I know yesterday would have been her last day alive in those woods.Makes me shiver to think of it. Thank God she followed the 2 dogs home and was too weak to run any longer. She was found and taken to the Neumiester Animal Hospital in Dubuque. Dr Mary is a wonderful compassionate lady, Great vet who knows her stuff-LOL and they gave Piper wonderful care. Today her blood work is Good, she is now drinking and eating on her own. She is still sore and on Pain meds and Clavamox. I V has been removed this morning. She walks out on a leash to potty and everything is working properly. Chris stopped to visit her today and fed her, walked her and they gave her a Baby Shampoo bath. Piper will need time to rest and recuperate. Stay on the meds and watched for any sign of infection in the wounds. She will be walked out on a leash they don't want her running or jumping ect yet. I will take her to Dr Frost for a recheck and another fecal check in 3 weeks unless she shows any clinical signs of infection or issues before then.

We are all just so thankful that Piper was found and is alive and well. Her recovery will be a long one, I suspect, mostly because of the emotional toll that has undoubtedly taken on her. She is an amazing little dog though--and truly blessed by God!


Asta said...

You are all angels
We will continue to pray for her full recovery.
She is a brave , wonderful girl and i thank dog that she has all of you in her corner loving and caring.
We love you
Asta sends her truckload of smoochie healing kisses

Maggie and Mitch said...

We are so happy to read that Piper is going home! We continue to send TONS of AireZen her way!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

TwoSpecialWires said...

We've got some catching up to do on some of the details ... but have been so relieved to know that PIper is the tough little cookie that she is, in the care of wonderful people who know and understand. We are thrilled to know she's headed home to Cheryl and the rest of her journey toward health and happiness can get underway. Prayers won't stop now ... they'll continue in support, and in thanks.

Much love
Sally and the pups