Friday, August 24, 2007

Have a good weekend everyone!

My dad did make it home, by some miracle. I’ll never know how he gets around without me. Of course, maybe its all a big scam…maybe he just goes around the block and sits all day waiting until 4pm when he usually comes home and then walks in the door like he’s been at work all day…yeah, that must be it because I’m sure he needs me to navigate for him otherwise.
Anyway, have I mentioned that I’ve been having skin trouble? Well, I have and mom decided she was going to wage a war again the hot spots and she is finally winning. I was taking benedryl everyday but now I’m on an antibiotic and it seems to be clearing up. Also, I get to have bath in oatmeal shampoo twice a week. Yes, I said, I get to…I like my oatmeal baths. For example, mom was kinda disappointed yesterday morning when she ran a bath for herself and went into her closet to get her clothes, I jumped into the bathtub. When she came in she said “Aw, Mackie!- Have you stolen mommies bath?” and I wagged my tail to say that I had which of course just made her laugh. I knew then that I was in and I’d get a good oatmeal scrubbing. Oh, it felt so good! This morning, Finnegan got a bath because mom said something about him going on a trip with them tomorrow. I can’t imagine that they would take that little punk and leave me at home.
(Note from mom: As I have mentioned before, Mackie is a terrible traveler! He has too much anxiety and is hard to handle on long trips…Finnegan is a good traveler and rides very nicely.)
Seems mom and dad are going to some family reunion in Pennsylvania tomorrow and my grandma is going too. Oh how I love my grandma. I know grandma will talk them into letting me go too…right, grandma??? ….grandma???...hello.., grandma??...This isn’t looking good for me.

Have a good weekend everyone!


Gus said...

Oh Mackie: I hope you get to go too! Trips are fun, and it is easy to fall asleep if you just think good thoughts. And don't worry, you will wake up in plenty of time for Steak n Shake, cause you will smell it before you get there.

Murphey said...

Finnegan goes and you don't, how unfair!


Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

Aw Mackie, who wants to be stuck in a car for hours.

Your oatmeal bath does indeed sound lovely. Hope your skin clears up soon.

Katy x

Agatha and Archie said...

Think of it this way,You can stay home and watch whatever you want to on TV!!!LoveA+A

Jackson said...

I think you'll be better off staying at home, cos then your mum will feel guilty and you'll get more treats and stuff. Always works for me! Hope your skin problems clear up soon pal. J x

Asta said...

That bath sounds weally soothing,I'm glad it's wowking fow you...Stanley had to take Bennie Drill too..tewwiers just get the itchies easily I gues, something about Mr.Al Urgee,whoever he is he isn't nice
did youget to go???if not maybe youcould have a pawty and we could all come ovew?Let us know.
smoochie kisses

Bogart said...

Cars can be fun... for awhile. Then it gets annoying that I am not allowed to drive or to stick my head out of the window while we're on the freeway. B-o-r-i-n-g.

Maybe while you're "home alone" we should have a party at Mackie's house!!!


wally said...

Just saying hi! It was nice meeting you on the chatable today! I love car rides--prime napping time.


Scruffy & Lacie said...

Mackie...Pawty at your house?? I heard
Bogie say something about it. What time? Formal fur? So sorry ur having itchies. I have to get oatmeal baths too. Mine are almost gone and so is my drippy nose and sneezies. Hope you feel better soon!! Lakie licks, Lacie

Pacco de Mongrel said...

glad 2 hear that ur skin condition had been curb

William Tell said...

Sounds like the perfect opportunity to have a few wiry friends over for a fun time! And maybe they'll bring you back something nice from their long trip.

William Tell

fee said...

hi mackie, i'm using this oatmeal shampoo too! i started using it when i developed scabs all over for no known reason and i haven't been scabby or itchy since! i hope it works for you too!

i also hope they'll remember to bring you a huge compensatory gift from the trip to make up for leaving you at home!