Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Looks like I’m in trouble again. I’ve been caught cheating. I posted a picture of my new girlfriend, Sunshade and forgot that Opy, my other beautiful girlfriend in Australia might see it. Opps! Opy, please forgive me! I’m a stud, I can’t help it. I really like the girls. You are in Australia and Sunshade is in British Columbia, Canada. Can’t this work out? I hope I can be forgiven.

I have some good news and some bad news to report. The bad news is that something terrible happened to my Aunt Michelle over the weekend. Someone set off a firework near her and it caught her on fire. She was even sitting on her own screened in porch minding her own business when it happened. She is hurt pretty badly and that really makes me and mom and dad sad. Thankfully she is alive and is doing better since all of my mom’s friends have been praying for her. Sheez, people are stupid. Even I know that fireworks are not toys. They really hurt people. I want to say thank you to all of my good friends who have been praying for my Aunt Michelle. My mommy told her that so many people were praying for her and she said she can feel it. That’s really good! Keep it up! We want her well again soon. Thanks everyone!

To the good news- Tilly is home and doing well! That's Tilly in the pictures. She was unable to walk has finally been released from the hospital to her mommy Brenda and son Robbie. Tilly has to walk in a sling to help keep her balance, but mom Brenda says she is eating now and they will be able to have the feeding tube removed. Yippee! Tilly is being a feisty little WFT girl and is snapping and biting at people! That’s my girl! Tell them you still have WFT spunk! Keep it up Tilly! We love to hear that you are getting better.


Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Hey Mackie,

Firstly, big hugs and prayers for Aunt Michelle, I sure hope she will be okay - as Turbo would say "Fireworks are stupid", and "People are stupid" !

Secondly, I am SO glad that Tilly is doing okay - the power of all of us doggie thoughts and prayers has certainly worked - that is great news !

And thirdly, the delicate matter of you "two timing" me with Sunshade - WELL !!!! Of course I forgive you - me being so far away and all, I can't expect such a ruggedly handsome fella like yourself to stay true to just me alone ! I am good at sharing - except my bones - and since Sunshade is such a nice gal, well - it's all okay :-) So, you are off the hook - but just behave yourself okay - you don't want to go getting yourself a bad reputation :-)


Sunshade said...

Mackie...your "other" girlfriend writing here,

I hope your Aunty Michelle is ok, geez...crazy kids. Those fire crackers scare the %$&@ out of me too. Sending Aire-Zen over!!

I think you are allowed one girlfriend per breed, so no more Lab or Airedale girl for you!!! Opy is such a funny gal that I don't mind sharing you with her (you are only getting away with this because you are SOOO cute and handsome)!!

Tilly is living the life of a princess!

Your only,
Miss Sunshade

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

We hope your Aunt is doing well so you can kiss her!

And wait - 2 girlfriends and they don't mind? I assume you are fixed and you haven't told them yet?

Bussie Kissies

Wired for Mackie said...

Opy and Sunshade-
You two are the greatest! I have extra lovin' waiting for you, if I ever get to see you in person!

I am fixed, but I think that's okay with the girls. I have plenty of kisses and praise to give, and besides- there are enough dogs in the world already. I wouldn't want to add to the list of doggies that might not be loved as much as we are!!

Your pal, Mackie

Anonymous said...

Mackie's proud Aunt Michelle would like to thank everyone so much for the the immense outpouring of love and prayers. I'm healing beautifully as a result. It has touched my heart tremendously and I will be forever greatful. Mackie and his sweet Mom are surrounded with a special and very spiritual group of friends, and for this we are all blessed. Thank you all-and God Bless!